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Rhema Soul is featured on the front page of New Release Tuesday. Writer, Marcus Hatchcock, did a short comparison piece between the group Gym Class Heroes and Rhema Soul. Click here to read article entitled #11 – True Heroes – THE SOUND OPTION WITH MARCUS HATHCOCK.

‘RED’ NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes and in Stores!

Hey family. Wanted to let you know, that our new album, RED, is now available on iTunes. RED, was produced by Andy Anderson (Group 1 Crew, Toby Mac) along with newcomers, Rey King and A.D.(Heart Official) The album features collaborations with hip-hop artist, Thi’sl, along with Benjah, R&B sensation, Jai (Lecrea, Trip Lee), Ryan Stevenson and Shonlock. The album is a great mix between hip-hop, rock, dubstep, and pop.

We wanted to be a lot more creative in our direction this time around. We wanted to challenge ourselves to try new music. We feel we succeeded in putting together an album that we will always be proud of. To buy a physical copy of the CD, click here. For iTunes Click Here:


If you’re having a hard time keeping a consistent devotional life, don’t fret. It happens to all of us at one point or another. Sometimes it can last for weeks, months, even years. Truth be told, life will sometimes beat us down. We get preoccupied with everything under the sun. In the process, we can easily start to lose focus on what should be central. See, as human beings, we are too often led by our emotions and not by God’s word. But our emotions will lead us to the brink if we let them. The brink of insanity. Our emotions cause us to waver, this way and that, with no stability or discipline. I’ve found that a great place to get on track is with the classic, My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers. It’s one of the most beloved devotional books in Christian history and provides great insight into the heart of God. In fact, you can read it online daily at These short, daily readings will help you get your day started with the right focus and mindset. Dig.

Also, peep this song by Propaganda and Odd Thomas, Dig, from their Art Ambidextrous album. Find out more about them at


Music | ‘Need An Answer’

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Rhema Soul – Need An Answer

New Single, ‘No Walking Away’


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Rhema Soul – No Walking Away

The concept behind the song came from where we were at in our journey at the time. Everything around us felt like it was falling apart right in front of us. We began to feel fear somewhat beginning to creep in. We began to question our purpose, goals, and ultimately our dreams. We’ve been working in music and in ministry together now for a few years and it felt like every “storm” possible was coming our way. But we knew that we had to hold onto this dream, the calling. There was a purpose for what was happening and it was going to make us stronger. So despite every door closing, walking away was not an option. That’s what we want the listener to come away with. That no matter how bad things get, stay committed. Whether it be a marriage, family, goals, dreams, trust God and choose to stay and fight through it. The only way you’ll see victory is if there is No Walking Away.

No Walking Away will be available on iTunes, March 6, 2012.

‘RED’ The Acoustic Session

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On Monday we were at Vanquish Studios with Fuego TV filming for their acoustic sessions series. We had a great time. We’ve been tapping into our extended musical talents with this album so when we were asked to be part of Fuego TV’s acoustic sessions we were excited. It’s been awesome to have their support for this new record. We’re excited about the big push they are putting behind us. The video for the session will be released leading up to the release of the album. For more behind the scenes picture of the session, Click Here.