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  1. Zac

    I love the beat of the song and everyone in this song (PYITF), but I don’t get what punching someone in the face has to do with anything, and I want to play this song in my youth group (Im the DJ, and soundman), but I want to be able to explain it to someone if they asked me. I would really appreciate it if you could respond to me (zachary.mckeever@gmail.com), with the reason behind the title, so I can play it in my youth group. Thanks. God bless.

  2. Jose Barragan

    Hey, God bless I am a huge fan of ya, I so love the RED album. I have a concern, I was listening to your PYITF single feat. social club which by the way I am a fan as well, anyhow on your single’s hook I dont know if I heard correctly, but it sounded like the guy said “you don’t like it B*@#h. Please I need some clairty. Did he really say that in the hook?

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